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Houston City Council Member Greg Travis has endorsed Robert!

Houston City Council Member Greg Travis today endorsed the candidacy of Dr. Robert Lundin to serve as a trustee of the Houston Independent School District.

Travis was elected to represent District G on the Houston City Council in 2015. As a council member, he has consistently advocated for fiscal responsibility and efficiency in government. Prior to joining Houston City Council, Travis served with distinction as an attorney and an officer in the United States Air Force.

“I believe that District G deserves to have a champion on the HISD school board armed with the knowledge, expertise, and drive to effectively fight on behalf of our students and communities. That’s why I will be voting for Dr. Robert Lundin as our next HISD school board trustee on November 7, and I ask others to do the same.

HISD is facing massive challenges right now, including a $100 million budget deficit and a potential takeover by the Texas Education Agency. Robert is the only candidate that can thoughtfully and directly address these issues while also ensuring kids across our community continue to receive the best education.”

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