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Every day across H.I.S.D., more than 20,000 employees devote themselves to making a difference on behalf of Houston’s kids.  Whether it is the bus driver who facilitates their safe journey to school, the food service worker who makes sure they arrive in the classroom nourished and ready to learn, the educator charged with engaging and challenging them intellectually, or the custodian who makes the campus shine well after all the students have departed, the members of Team H.I.S.D. play crucial roles in ensuring the success and happiness of our more than 200,000 students. 

Yet all too often, members of Team H.I.S.D. feel they lack a voice on the district level.  The decisions made by the board have huge implications on every aspect of what it is like to work in H.I.S.D., and every team member deserves to know that there is a trustee dedicated to being their advocate. 

As someone who has seen firsthand the incredible dedication that my colleagues bring to their work on a daily basis, I am deeply committed to ensuring that ALL members of Team H.I.S.D. can play a vital role in this campaign. You deserve to have someone representing you on the district level who truly understands and appreciates the challenges we face in our schools, and who will use those insights to continuously improve both the academic opportunities we offer our students and the professional experience of our staff members.   That’s why I felt it was so important to reach out directly to members of Team H.I.S.D. and invite them personally to play a part in this campaign.    

But you may be thinking, “Robert, as a district employee, am I allowed to get involved?”   

The answer is absolutely.   

H.I.S.D. Board Policy makes it clear that ALL employees have the freedom to be involved in any political activity they choose when they’re not engaged in their job responsibilities. 

“District employees shall have the liberty of political action when not engaged actively in their employment, provided such action is within the law and provided that such action does not impair their usefulness in their respective capacities.” 

H.I.S.D. Board Policy DGA (Local) 

“But what if I don’t live in District VI?” 

The decisions made by the board affect your professional quality of life and experience regardless of whether you live inside District VI, another part of Houston, or even another county.  So you deserve to be able to play a part in helping to elect someone who you know will fight on your behalf.   

“I’m an educator, not some politico.  How would I even support the effort?” 

There are multiple ways you can play a part in this effort. 

  • You can join us at one of our forum events to share your views, and in turn invite others to learn more about the campaign. 

  • You can volunteer to speak with voters in District VI in their community. 

  • You can make a financial contribution to ensure we have the resources to continue getting the word out. 

  • You can bring other colleagues or families together to learn more. 

Regardless of income, language, or geography, I want all members of Team H.I.S.D. to feel empowered to play a meaningful role in this effort.   

That starts with signing up for our mailing list.  You can either complete the form below, or just send an e-mail to  We’ll keep you up to date on events and opportunities for involvement. 

Follow our Twitter (@LundinForHISD) feed. 

“Like” our dedicated campaign Facebook page. 

I am truly looking forward to welcoming the members of Team H.I.S.D. into this campaign.  Your contributions will be critical to not just the success of our campaign, but the future of our district as well. 




PO Box  79894
Houston, TX, 77279-9894

(844) HISD-RAL

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